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Getting to the airport is a deceptively simple task these days. From public transit, to taxi cabs, and driving yourself, there are lots of airport transportation options to choose from. What you have to consider are the costs and limitations associated that most people don’t realize. That’s why our airport limo transportation service is perfect. But for your understanding, we’ve outlined the considerations for alternative transportation methods below.

YVR Airport Transportation Limo

Public transit, like buses and skytrains, don’t always arrive on schedule. And even if they do there is a chance they are crowded and won’t have enough room for you to bring on your luggage. Hailing a cab is convenient, but they are hardly comfortable and limits your luggage to what can be stored in the trunk. If you’re travelling in a larger group than the cost increases dramatically with multiple cabs. Finally if you plan to drive yourself then you’ll have to pay for parking during your whole trip – and airport parking rates are notorious for being expensive.

These same issues hold true for your return as well. Unless you’re fortunate to have friends or family drop you off and pick you up each time, the inconvenience and costs of other transportation methods just aren’t worth it. If as a group you’re going to be paying that much anyways, you might as well make the ride comfortable. And that’s where our airport limo, shuttle, bus, and car services come in. First decide what kind of you vehicle you need and we handle the rest. Here’s a general price list for your various vehicles.

Vancouver Airport Limo Service Rates

 Prices are based on BC Passenger Transportation Board.
1-3 Passenger SedanBetween $75/hr – $150/hr
3-5 Passengers Executive SUVBetween $85/hr – $170/hr
5-7 Passengers Stretch Limo /
6-11 Passenger Van
Between $90/hr$180/hr
7-9 Passengers Stretch LimoBetween $95/hr -$200/hr
10-13 Passengers SUV LimoBetween $125/hr -$270/hr
18-22 Passengers Shuttle Bus (4hrs minimum)Between $95/hr – $180/hr
18-22 Passengers Party Bus (4hrs minimum)Between $175/hr -$330/hr

Note that the above rates are for reference purposes only. Actual rates may vary based on time of year, driving distance, and trip itinerary among other factors. Tax and gratuity not included. Contact us for a service quote.


Vancouver Airport Transportation (YVR)

The Vancouver International Airport is the central hub of our business. Voted as one of the most beautiful airports in the world, and Vancouver recognized as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, it is no wonder that travellers from around the globe visit Vancouver on a near constant basis. For drop-offs and pick-ups you can expect fantastic curbside service and luggage handling right from the entrance.

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Vancouver Airport Transportation

Abbotsford Airport Transportation (YXX)

Abbotsford is home to the province’s second major airport and while it is out in the Fraser Valley, a short limo ride gets you to the heart of Metro Vancouver. Many travellers prefer to arrive at and depart from Vancouver but you can sometimes find good flight deals in Abbotsford that make the trip worth the commute. Expect classy, white glove service from beginning to end.

Abbotsford airport transportation


Seattle-Tacoma Airport Transportation (SEA)

If you found a great flight deal but the catch is you have to depart from Seattle then you might find yourself in a bit of a pickle. Of course you wouldn’t book an extra flight to Seattle but you wouldn’t want to drive 3 hours from Vancouver only to have to pay for long term parking either. And with the US dollar near an all-time high, your savings will surely take a hit if you choose to drive. That’s why our cross-border airport transportation service is ideal for you. Let us take you safely and affordably to the Sea-Tac Airport so you don’t have to worry about any of that. We’ll handle your return trip as well.

Sea-Tac Airport Transportation


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